SlipStream interfaces with IaaS via a connector architecture. All connectors provide a least two networks:

  1. Public network
  2. Private network
The public network assigns a publicly reachable IP address to each VM.  The private network normally assigns a private IP address, NATed such that VMs running on this network can be routed to the WAN. The cloud network configuration is expected to implement bridging between the two networks such that a VM running on the public network will be able to contact VMs running on the private network.

For example, a master/worker application can be configured such that the master is assigned a public IP via the public network, while the workers are running on a private IP via the private network. In this configuration, only the master VM is reachable from the WAN and acts as a bridge to the work VMs.

Certain connectors can extend this basic behavior, such that richer network assignment is possible. Please refer to the documentation of the corresponding connector.

We are actively extending networking support via a number of initiatives. If you have specific requirements on networking, including SDN, please get in touch.