The address ranges for the Exoscale cloud infrastructure are often needed to open an institute's firewall to machines running on Exoscale. 

The IPv4 and IPv6 prefixes can be visualized here

For IPv4, we cannot give you the regions where the ranges are used, it depends on how we allocate them. For IPv6, it's easier. Currently we are allocating these ranges:

  • ch-gva-2: 2a04:c43:e00::/40
  • ch-dk-2: 2a04:c44:e00::/40
  • at-vie-1: 2a04:c45:e00::/40
  • de-fra-1: 2a04:c46:e00::/40

From the command line, you can also get the IPv4 ranges:

whois -h -T route AS61098 -i origin | grep route

and the whole list of possible IPv6:

whois -h -T route6 AS61098 -i origin | grep route

Note for IPv6, all IPv6 addresses for your organization are taken from the same /64 subnet. (The beginning of the IPv6 address will always be the same.) This information is available on the API when getting the nic information of an IPv6 enabled VM via the attribute "ip6cidr".