To add an OpenStack connector to Nuvla ( the following requirements must be met:

  1. You need to own an OpenStack Cloud
  2. The OpenStack API entry point (the "Identity" service) has to be reachable from Internet and from VMs within your Cloud.
  3. The "Service Catalog" returned by the "Identity" service has to be filled with endpoints reachable from Internet. Especially for the "Compute" service and the "Network" service.
  4. Virtual Machines need to have access to Internet.
  5. Contains base images for at least CentOS 7 and Ubuntu 16.04.
  6. Cloud-Init should be installed on all base images.

Moreover a free account with monthly credits should be provided to us. This account will be used to test your Cloud during the integration procedure and once your Cloud is integrated with Nuvla this account will be mainly used to periodically deploy a test application on your Cloud to ensure it work correctly over the time. This test application is currently (it might change in the futur without notice) composed of 3 VMs and will run approximately twice a day for around 5-15 minutes depending of the "speed" of your Cloud.

Before sending us the request to add your Cloud into Nuvla, please ensure that all the requirements above are fulfilled and fully tested.

Please also verify that the following informations are included in your request:

  1. The endpoint of the "Identity" service
  2. The region name
  3. The username of our account
  4. The password of our account
  5. The project name of our account
  6. The domain of our account (not needed if OpenStack auth version 2 or lower)