The StratusLab connector allows you to use StratusLab-based cloud infrastructures.  The configuration parameters for the connector are:

  • Service endpoint
  • PDisk endpoint
  • Marketplace endpoint
  • Image ID of the orchestrator
  • Orchestrator instance type
  • Client download URL

All of these parameters must have an associated value for the cloud infrastructure that you want to access.

Specifically for the StratusLab cloud infrastructure at CNRS/LAL (the reference cloud infrastructure for StratusLab), the correct parameters are:

The client download URL should have the correct value by default.  The values for your StratusLab cloud infrastructure are likely to be very similar to these.

The given orchestrator image ID is an Ubuntu 12.04 image.  In principle other Ubuntu versions or CentOS should also work, but the Ubuntu 12.04 is the most tested.